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Rope activityThe Gemstone Program at the University of Maryland is a unique multidisciplinary four-year research program for selected undergraduate honors students of all majors. Under guidance of faculty mentors and Gemstone staff, teams of students design, direct and conduct significant research, often but not exclusively exploring the interdependence of science and technology with society. Gemstone students are members of a living-learning community comprised of fellow students, faculty and staff who work together to enrich the undergraduate experience. This community challenges and supports the students in the development of their research, teamwork, communication and leadership skills. In the fourth year, each team of students presents its research in the form of a thesis to experts, and the students complete the program with a citation and a tangible sense of accomplishment.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our Gemstone students a challenging and rewarding experience based on the following goals:

  • Develop students' research skills in the context of multidisciplinary team research projects of importance to society
  • Develop students' ability to work effectively in teams
  • Provide students' leadership opportunities through peer mentoring, teaching and service throughout their four years in Gemstone
  • Provide students' with a close-knit community that supports them in their Gemstone and other commitments and activities at the University of Maryland

Our Commitment

We are committed to the development of citizens, scholars and leaders. Our efforts are focused on holistic student development, both inside and outside the classroom. We value qualities of mutual respect, intellectual excitement, collaboration, and diversity of thought. We strive to give our students transferable skills that will be valuable for wherever life leads them.



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