Gemstone Honors Program

Award Winners

First-year, Sophomore, and Junior Awards

Rookie of the Year | Most Valuable Team Member Sophomore Cohort | Most Valuable Team Member Junior Cohort | Librarian of the Year | Mentor of the Year

Senior Awards

Outstanding Gemstone Team Scholar | Outstanding Gemstone Team Presentation | Outstanding Gemstone Citizen and Leader | James M. Wallace Outstanding Gemstone Team Thesis | Outstanding Gemstone Mentor | Outstanding Gemstone Team Leader | Gemstone Team of the Year | Gemstone Librarian of the Year

Non-Cohort Specific Awards

Gems Camp Leader of the Year | Outstanding CONNECT Mentor | Outstanding Section Leader

Rookie of the Year

2013 Emily Ruppel
2014 Pradip Ramamurti
2015 Elliot Frank
2016 Saul Schaffer

Most Valuable Team Member Sophomore Cohort

2013 Devon Freudenberger
2014 Parinaz Fathi
2015 Adam Berger
2016 Prateeti Sarker

Most Valuable Team Member Junior Cohort

2013 Eric Kazyak and Natalie Anzures
2014 Timothy McLaughlin
2015 Isha Agarwal
2016 Chris Rother

Librarian of the Year

2013 Jim Miller and Nevenka Zdravkovska
2014 Alex Carroll
2015 Jeremy Garritano and Eileen Harrington
2016 Kelsey Corlett-Rivera and Elizabeth Soergel

Mentor of the Year

2013 Dr. Lance Yonkos and Dr. Matthew Roesch
2014 Dr. Tom Miller and Dr. Adam Behrens
2015 Susan Dwyer and Dr. Zhengguo Xiao
2016 Dr. Debu Biswas and Jon Hoffman


Outstanding Gemstone Team Scholar

2002 Elizabeth Flynn and Philip Jones
2003 Robert Schroll  
2004 Christian Klein  
2005 Gregory Crosswhite and Ashley Naimaster  
2006 Alan O’Connor
2007 Emma Simson and Travis Young
2008 Neil Agarwal and Robert Vocke III  
2009 David Chen and Gregory Hitz
2010 Stephanie Galanie and Ben Tousley  
2011 Junjie Hao and Angela Lee   
2012 Matthew Conway 
2013 Alex Mamunes
2014 Sudi Jawahery
2015 Katerina Christodoulides
2016 Andrea Bajcsy

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Outstanding Gemstone Team Presentation

2002 Non-Lethal Weapons
2003 Global Ed-Venture
2004 Innovations
2005 SmartRoads
2006 PlayInc
2007 Team URBAN
2008 Binge Drinking
2009 iGem
2010 IMAC
2011 Cogeneration Technology
2012 FLIP
2015 Bass
2016 Brain Blast

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Outstanding Gemstone Citizen and Leader

2002 Jeremy Rachlin
2003 Sara McKelvey and Soroush Rais-Bahrami
2004 Emily Beckstrom and Andy Smith
2005 Thomas Haun
2006 Ryan Hoffmaster and Justin Waltrous
2007 Nikhil Joshi and Greg Teitelbaum
2008 Anita Kohli and Teddy Tien
2009 Pratik Davè and Lindsey Mooney
2010 Hannah Tolley
2011 Akhila Iruku and Katherine Mann
2012 Jillian Chavis and Joshua Lacey
2013 Jaishri Shankar
2014 Taylor Hearn and Jessica Lee
2015 Ed Lin
2016 Zeke Gonzalez and Ilana Green

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James M. Wallace Outstanding Gemstone Team Thesis

2002 Fish Sustainability and Innovative Tracking Systems
2003 Ecodynamics and Universal Playgrounds
2004 GEMS: Generating Eager Minded Students
2005 SWAMP
2006 Phosphorus Agriculture Runoff Management
2007 TRACK
2008 CRABS
2009 Renewables at UMD
2010 CHIP
2012 FACE
2013 Solar Campus
2014 Electrode
2015 CLOT
2016 Haptic

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Outstanding Gemstone Mentor

2002 Dr. Greg Baecher
2003 Dr. Colleen Farmer 
2004 Dr. Ray Adomaitis and Dr. Linda Schmidt 
2005 Dr. Gilmer Blankenship 
2006 Dr. Frank J. Coale, Dr. Francey Kohl, and Dr. Jim Purtilo
2007 Ms. Karen Thornton and Dr. James Milke 
2008 Dr. David Tilley  
2009 Dr. Lowell Adams and Dr. Rama Chellappa
2010 L. Curry Woods
2011 Dr. Kevin Sellner and Dr. Charlie Carr
2012 Sameer Shah
2013 Dr. Stephanie Grutzmacher     
2014 Peter Mallios
2015 Dr. Andrew Ristvey
2016 Dr. Marcio Oliveira

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Outstanding Gemstone Team Leader

2004 Jamille Bigio and Phil de Souza
2005 Philip Brazio and Lauren Schlanger
2006 Sumair Akhtar and Margaret Distler
2007 Kristin Freese and Patrick Hughes
2008 Christina Walsh
2009 Elizabeth Dillon and Lee Stearns
2010 Nick Asendorf and Kelsey Merrick 
2011 Jasjeet Khural and Adam Pampori
2012 Timothy L. Crisci and Tina Zhang
2013 Sebastian Serrano
2014 Yoon Shin
2015 Devon Freudenberger
2016 Natalie Griffin

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Gemstone Team of the Year

2014 MEGA

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Gemstone Librarian of the Year

2014 Nevenka Zdravkovska
2015 Robin Dasler
2016 Celina McDonald

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Gems Camp Leader of the Year

2015 Eileen Ser
2016 Becky Vanarsdall

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Outstanding CONNECT Mentor

2015 Tracy Sebastian
2016 Erin Verni

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Outstanding Section Leader

2015 Kara Higgins
2016 Annelise Buck and Elizabeth Corley

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