Our Progress

Spring 2009

The team's idea was proposed by our mentors, Dr. Cha-Min Tang and Dr. Rama Chellappa. At the end of the semester, our team was formed.

Fall 2009

After some background research and deliberation, we chose to use Point Grey firewire cameras along with a laptop donated to us by a previous Gemstone Team, Team Vision. Some time was spent on hardware choices, but we reached the conclusion that we should worry about hardware later. The prototype design phase began, and multiple ideas were proposed. We decided to use C++ and OpenCV to interface the cameras with the computer and run our algorithms on the input. At the end of the semester, we submitted for IRB approval for our initial surveys and focus groups.

Spring 2010

As of Spring 2010, our team has developed a couple hardware prototypes and has started writing the software which will be the core of the project. IRB approval has been granted, so surveys are already being sent out. We sucessfully presented our project proposal to a panel of experts. These are our thesis proposal and thesis proposal presentation.

Our Goals

summer 2010

This summer, we plan on conducting interviews and focus groups. Efforts are already being made to find participants for our study. During this time, software development should also continue, so that we can start prototype testing in fall 2010.

fall 2010

In fall 2010, we hope to complete an initial prototype of our device so that we can begin prototype testing. If necessary, interviews and focus groups will continue throughout this semester. We will also participate in the Gemstone Junior Colloquium and present on the state of our research.

spring 2011

By this point in time, we plan of definitely having a prototype ready. Testing will continue, and we will start to revise our design as we continue to recieve feedback. The prototype should be in a near-final state when this semester ends.

fall 2011

In Fall 2011, our senior year, we will have a final model of our working prototype. We will conduct assessment surveys to determine the impact of our device, and begin working on writing our final thesis.

spring 2012

Finally, in our final semester of colege, we plan to have all research completed. This semester will be used to revise our final thesis and to present it to a panel of experts in our thesis defense.