Gemstone Honors Program
Gemstone students

Leadership Opportunities

There are many opportunities for students to take on leadership roles within the Gemstone community. 

Gems Camp

Planning Committee & Camp Leaders

Gems Camp is the Gemstone Honors Program's extended orientation program designed to aid incoming students in their transition to college and into the ranks of the Gemstone living-learning program. 

The Gems Camp Planning Committee works throughout the spring semester to build that summer's camp, and receives one credit for their work. 

Camp Leaders volunteer to help new Gemstone students with their transition to College and get to move in early.

Learn more about both positions and their requirements.

Thesis Conference

Planning Committee & Volunteers

The Thesis Conference is the culmination of the Gemstone program, providing senior teams with an opportunity to present their research to an audience, including a panel of distinguished experts, peers family and friends. 

A committee of students works throughout the spring to put together this important event, and receives one credit.  More information about the different opportunities available on the planning committee will become available in the spring.

Volunteers for the event also help ensure that everything runs smoothly. More information about volunteering for the event will be made available in the spring.

GEMS 100 Steering Committee

The Gems 100 Steering Committee will be comprised of four student leaders who have served as a Gems 100 Section Leader in the past who are dedicated to improving the Gems 100 experience through the creation of intentional learning and services opportunities.

Gemstone Outreach

Whether it is volunteering to staff Banneker Key Scholarship Days, Open Houses, Orientation Panels, or just helping to promote upcoming events, Gemstone students are essential for outreach about the Gemstone Program. Please email Jessica Lee, Coordinator for Student Engagement, if you are interested in getting involved as an outreach volunteer.

Gemstone Student Council

See our GSC page if you are interested in getting involved with the Gemstone Student Council.

Gemstone Section Leaders

Section Leaders are an essential part of the Gemstone Program.  Being a section leader is an excellent opportunity to teach and lead your peers.

CONNECT Mentor Program

This peer mentoring initiative seeks to connect incoming students with current students during the summer and continues the relationship through a paid peer mentoring role in the Fall semester.